How Yoga Improves Immunity?

Yoga is a go-to exercise for those who want to thrive mentally and physically. Yoga keeps your mind at peace by relieving stress. It also benefits your physical health in several ways. By practicing yoga in the right way, you get rid of toxins and negative energy. Yoga helps you become more resilient mentally and physically.

A vibrant immune system helps you fight diseases. When you are in good physical and mental health, it improves your immunity. That’s why yoga helps strengthen your immune system. 

Yoga is not just an exercise; it is a lifestyle. Those who practice yoga adopt healthy habits. They eat a nutritious diet, take proper sleep, and stay calm. All of it contributes to having a robust immune system.

The following paragraphs explain how yoga improves immunity:

Yoga relieves stress

Being constantly under stress turns your life upside down. Chronic stress weakens your immune system and exposes you to various diseases. You may have headaches, stomach disorders, high blood pressure, and heart problems. 

Stress also has a disastrous effect on your mental wellbeing. It leads you to depression, panic attacks, and unknown worries. You can get tired of your life and may have suicidal thoughts.

Yoga relaxes your mind and body. It releases feel-good hormones in your system that helps you overcome stress. By focusing on the present during yoga, you learn to control your thoughts. 

Below are the two yoga poses that can help you deal with stress and improve your immunity:

Sasakasana: It is a rabbit pose that is very useful for reducing stress. During this pose, you supply blood to your head which relieves stress. This pose also improves your posture, which boosts your confidence.

If you regularly practice Sasakasana, it will strengthen your spine and back muscles.

Shavasana: It is commonly known as a corpse pose. It is very effective at reducing stress and blood pressure. Those who have sleeping disorders also find this pose highly useful.

While practicing Shavasana, you need to put your body and mind in complete relaxation and focus on breathing.

Respiratory system

Yoga can significantly improve the health of your respiratory system. This system consists of a network of tissues and organs that help you breathe. It lets you absorb oxygen which is vital for the functioning of other organs. Your respiratory system also removes waste gases such as carbon dioxide.

Lungs are an integral part of your respiratory system. When you control breathing during yoga, it improves the health of your lungs. Lungs bear the brunt of COVID-19 and its variants.

Below are the two yoga poses that prove beneficial for your respiratory system:

Fish pose: It is an excellent yoga pose for your heart and lungs. It boosts blood circulation in your system and appreciates oxygen intake. This way, it helps you get rid of respiratory disorders.

Bow pose: This yoga pose is highly effective at cleaning your lungs. It is not so tough to practice. If you are a beginner and want to improve respiratory health through yoga, it is the best choice.

Improved functioning of all organs

In your daily routine, you remain static the entire day. It prevents the proper blood circulation in your system, which impairs the functioning of your vital organs. Yoga can help you prevent it, which in turn improves immunity.

Following yoga poses can help you with blood circulation:

Triangle pose: This pose significantly improves blood circulation in your body. By practicing it regularly, you can lower blood pressure and stress level.

Camel pose: It also improves the blood circulation in your body. It has a relaxing effect on your nervous system and strengthens your spine.


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