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Abdomen Roller


Train with one of the most compelling pieces of home exercise equipment, helping you to build stronger and bigger six-pack abs. This home gym exercise fitness Ab roller wheel loads up to 220lb. It is made of robust and durable material to withstand intense workout sessions.

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Abdomen Roller Wheel

This fitness equipment will help you perform multiple exercises. It comes with a rotating knee pad and adjustable elastic rope. With this fantastic equipment, you can do up to 40 different exercise styles. This abdomen roller wheel has more exercise methods than other ab fitness equipment. You will get a better fitness effect than other ordinary products. If you use this for a month, you will start feeling that you are developing dynamic core strength inside your muscles. The abdomen roller can tone the powers of the entire body, not just your abs.

Create the Perfect Curvier

Get More Abdominal Exercises in Less Time by Moving the Stopper Away from Your Body. You can move in curves and get your whole body involved in calorie burning process. It is designed explicitly for Abdominal, back, arm, shoulder, thigh, and glutes exercises. You will get trained at once! Get a total body makeover today!

Great for Ladies Also, Not just men

This fantastic piece of fitness equipment is not just designed for men. It’s perfect for ladies. For women, the effect of the rotating knee pad design can slim the waist, lift the buttocks and breasts, thin the legs, build the abdomen, enhance physical fitness and improve resistance quickly. Girls, get ready. It’s time to keep you away from cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain, and subhealth. It’s time to give you a full-body workout with these abdomen rollers.

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Design of the Abdomen Rollers

The pedal and the handle are made of Foam, so they are easy on your hands and provide friction. They are more elastic, comfortable, soft and light than any other abdomen roller. The swiftness helps avoid accidents that can cause pain. The highly flexible latex pull rope length can be adjusted from 35 cm to 95 cm.

Superior Quality Rollers

The abdomen rollers are created from high-quality aluminium material and give you firm support.

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