Dumbbell Bench Press

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This weight bench is designed for home and commercial use. The unique steel structure and a heavy base make it support more than 600 pounds. This is the perfect equipment for full-body workouts and training. You can adjust the weight bench in 6 positions. The positioning will meet your workout needs for upper and lower body exercises.

Not only is the adjustable dumbbell bench press flexible it has a comfortable and ergonomic design, including foam padding on the body’s touchable surfaces. The padding relaxes the muscles and is perfect for long periods of sitting or training on your chest, shoulders, back, abs, and more.

Buy this fantastic weight training bench now and start your workout routine at the convenience of your home. The assembly is pretty simple and easy to use. It is foldable and can be put in any folder of your home.

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Dumbbell bench press for you and your family!


This commercial standard weight bench, designed with a unique triangle structure and heavy-duty steel, supports up to 600 LBS, perfect for all full-body workout training.

Why do you need a bench press at home?

The bench press is the go-to for muscle growth, and for a good reason. It recruits most of the muscle fibers in the pectorals and takes the chest through a respectable range of motion.

Read Up on These 9 Proven Benefits of the Bench Press

Introduction to the advantages of Dumbbell bench press


  • Tripple thickened square tube support.
  • Bold square tube with high strength load bearing.
  • The bottom is thick and widened to strengthen stability.
  • The bold bottom tube strengthens the stability and safe movement without turning the bench over.
  • 50 mm thick, highly elastic lying board.
  • The generous and thick anti-still texture is sweatproof and more comfortable during exercise.
  • The thick support rod matches the main steel frame to form strong support.
  • Multi-part adjustment, All around adjustment feature, enables different exercise intensity for everyone, no matter how tall, short, fat or thin you are.

Make your home a place where you can comfortably work out. This Dumbbell bench press equipment will not take up much space in your gym room. It’s foldable and can be hidden in a corner somewhere. This could be the best addition to your gym essentials collection. Buy now and save tons of money!

Make your house a gym with the dumbbell bench press
Lady doing exercise on a bench press
The dimensions of this Dumbbell Bench Press are exclusively designed for an ergonomic design. The total height of the bench press is 90 cm. The sit-able seat area is 34 cm, making it extra comfortable to sit on. There are 6 modes of slanting back. You can use it to work out different levels of your body with different intensities.
Size and dimensions of the bench press

It’s completely foldable!

This is a foldable product




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