BFR Bands For Arms & Legs


BFR BANDS – Blood Flow Restriction Bands for Arms, Legs, Glutes Occlusion Training, Resistance Bands Help Gain Muscle Without Heavy Weight Lifting, Quick-Release Strong Elastic Strap for Men & Women

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Sports bands for men strengthen your muscles and increase your body’s protein. Thigh band exercise is beneficial for those recovering from injury.

BFR Band Material

Made from polyester and latex material. Heavy duty and unbreakable. It can support your workout needs easily.

Benefits of BFR Bands

  • The BFR Bands product comes with 2 pairs of bands. You can use them on your arms or on your legs; However, you feel comfortable.
  • They help with blood circulation while you exercise using heavy lifting.
  • BFR bands help with muscle growth
  • Speeds up the process of muscle growth when done properly
  • Studies show that practical blood flow restriction training increases muscle protein synthesis, NOS-1 expression & mTOR signalling, resulting in increased muscle growth. BFR Bands help muscular size at low training volumes and intensities.
  • They are thick pieces of equipment and can handle heavy loads that your weight can handle.
  • The bands are durable workout straps and won’t slip even if you sweat them.
  • Outstandingly comfortable and high-quality fabric.
  • Easy to strap up, effortless to release between sets or exercises, and exceptionally comfortable
  • Made from premium fabric, an extremely comfortable and resistant fabric that will allow the muscles to expand and contract.
  • Comes with a solid plastic buckle. The IN/OUT mechanism will allow the strap to slide right through the buckle without pinching the skin.
  • Comes with a slack holder. The holder  holds the dangling straps
  • Ultra comfortable and durable elastic material which holds pressure 360 degrees.
  • There is a quick-release button that can ease up the tightening of the strap.
  • There is a one-way tightening buckle for easy one-handed operation.

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