Non-Slip Ab Wheel Roller


Get your noise-free, ab wheel roller at your home. It has fantastic ergonomic Non-slip handles, which give you an excellent grip for holding it. It is more comfortable on your hand. This is a superior quality product with an extra wide wheel. It is suitable for a variety of situations. Buy this perfect gift for fitness lovers. 
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This ab wheel roller is non-skip and will hold any weight.

It has a great ergonomic design which makes it more comfortable to hold. The handles of the ab wheel roller can be detached and it helps in storing it in a smaller place. The non-slip texture design on the handles makes you more stable and safe during exercise.

Excellent quality product – Extra wide wheels

Excellent quality is guaranteed when it comes to this product.  The rod is made up of a thick steel pipe. There are many safety layers installed on the role.  (anti-skid layer + reinforcement layer + shock absorption layer + sound-absorbing layer + support layer). All these layers make it water resistant and give it a long-lasting timeframe. The width of our Ab roller wheel is 3.4 inches, which gives you a great grip and security for the role.

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Where Can I use My Ab Wheel Roller?

You can use your roller on multiple finishings. For example, it would be perfect for using wooden doors, ceramic tiles, cement, and carpets. The rubber on the roller is made up of a material that will easily roll over these floorings.  Moreover, the floor will not be damaged as a smooth coating protects anything that touches it. This is fantastic fitness equipment to use both in the door and outdoors.


Best Exercise for Abs & Arms

Ab rollers are very much underrated. They not only give you a great abs workout but also help with shoulders, arms, and even wing muscles. With one piece of equipment, you get to exercise from multiple angles. There is no noise, so its literal noise free. The sound-free equipment is comfortable and absorbs extra sweat from your hands. It comes in multiple colors. pick the color of your dreams and start exercising today.

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ANTI SLIP Material used

Ab Wheel Roller provides a perfect exercise for your abs. Comfortable grip
Ab Wheel Roller colors
Ab Wheel Roller provides a perfect exercise for your abs.
Ab Wheel Roller provides a perfect exercise for your abs.

Ab wheel roller


Red, Yellow, Blue, Black/white, Black/Red


24 * 18 * 15cm


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