Protein Shake Bottle


This fantastic protein shake bottle will fuel your drive at every sip. It not only quenches your thirst but is a source of excellent daily nutrition. This bottle will rejuvenate your time at the gym and motivate you to do more. You can also use this water bottle or drink any other liquid juice.

It has an excellent hand grip and a fantastic leak-proof cap. You can shake it all you want, but it will not fail you.

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Protein Shake Bottle – Gym Plastic Water Bottle

This beautiful water bottle is crafted to last for a more extended time period. It is an entirely leakproof protein shake blender. The quality of the plastic is super cool.  This is your go-to protein shake bottle when it comes to workouts. Especially these blender cups are made with quality materials; these BPA-free shaker bottles are built to stay with you throughout your bodybuilding or fitness journey.

Protein Shake Bottle With a Large Capacity

It has enough capacity that you can put water in it that will last you your entire workout. You may use it for a pre-workout drink or a post work out supplement. It’s made for actual athletes.

Smooth Shakes Every Time

This perfect gym protein water bottle is strategically packaged with a mixing ball. What doe the ball do? Every time you shake, it will let you prepare liquid meals and mix powders of protein shake with delicious consistency! This protein shake bottle is about to become your best friend.

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protein shake bottle with a flip cap

Leak-proof seal

A flip cap snaps securely when you shake the bottle, and the bottle is shut for shaking.  The tightly threaded screw-on lid creates a leak-proof seal and stops water or your protein shake from leaking. This bottle is easy to lean, safe to use, and fast to whisk. Buy one today and change the way you drink water or fitness supplements.
easy to clean bottle

Anti Slip Design

Your hands won’t let it go. It sticks to your hand due to the fantastic anti-slip material used as a grip. Moreover, you can also measure the amount of liquid you can pour or use from this bottle. There is a measurement scale both in ml and oz.  Last but not least, the plastic of this protein shake bottle is made up of BPA-free material. It is tasteless and 100% safe to use.   More about BPA Standard in this link. 

gym water bottle anti slip design
use the bottle cap to keep medicine



This bottle has a leak proof guarantee
pick your favorite color from protein shake bottle
Enjoy time at the gym



Red, 100ml Protein Container, White, Purple, Blue, Collapsible Straw, Black, 200ml Protein Container, Green


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