Pull Up Bar Dip Station


This Pull Up Bar Dip Stand Station is heavy-duty and has the option of adjustable height for upper body exercises. It comes with rubber feet which prevent the station from slipping. When you are on it, you will feel stability and strength. 

The grips for the pull-up bar drip station make it a comfortable choice. It will help you build muscle without using any weights. There are many different types of exercises you can perform on it. Get your own dip station and build a gym feeling at home.

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Pull Up Bar Dip Station is a piece of excellent fitness equipment for your home. It allows you to perform the weight-free exercise, possibly anywhere. The strength and the ability to hold your weight are significant. Moreover, it’s 100% portable. You can take it anywhere. Buy this fantastic dip station for yourself or your family and friends. It’s a perfect gift for gym lovers. 
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Pull up bar dip station
Pull-ups, double poles, push-ups
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Pull Up Bar Dip Station Advantages

  • The multifunctional pull-up station adopts multiple stable anti-rollover crossbars, which are stable without shaking.
  • The multifunctional pull-up device adopts a four-fold stable chassis, which is durable and does not shake.
  • The backrest and elbow pad are made of environmentally friendly PU material, which is non-slip and comfortable.

Exercises You Can Perform 

You can perform a variety of exercises using our dip station. For example, L Sit, Push Up, Pull up, and more. Our pull-up bar dip stand is lightweight and straightforward, making it easily mobile. Each dip stand has foam grips for ultimate comfort and support. Our dip stands have four stabilizing feet designed to sit level on most surfaces.

Dip stations are masters in building lean muscles and fat burn. Use this special equipment to do dips, rows, body pull, and more.

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Portable Design

The dip station has a final portable design, and you can take it anywhere. With the mobile structure, you can train anywhere with ease. It will fit easily inside your car. You can take it to a park or a friend’s house where you plan to work out. It weighs around 10-11KG, so it’s easy to carry around.

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Pull Up Bar Dip Station for your home

Multi-Use Pull-Up Bar Dip Station 



Pull Up Bar Dip Station is easy to use

Pull Up Bar Dip Station




103*62.5*5.5 cm


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