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Hiking Pouch Bag | Running Pouch Bag | Gym Pouch Bag | Workout Pouch Bag

Have you ever wondered how annoying it is when you have no place to put your phone while running or when your headphones are falling off again and again? We have a solution for this problem, our running pouch bag. We know that running leggings or trousers mostly do not have pockets to keep your needful items.
This hiking, or the workout pouch bag, is wrapped around your waist and has enough space to put your needful belongings.

Usable and Adjustable Running Pouch Bag

The waist pouch comes to switch a zipper and keeps your items intact. It’s made up of a light nylon material for moisture-sucking and is quick dry-able if it gets sweaty.
The running punch bag is stretchable and can fit people of all waists. In short, it’s one size that could fit most people. Contact us for a custom pouch if your waist is more than 42 inches. The soft material of this waist pouch has excellent softness against your skin. Because it is so light weight, you can’t tell if you are wearing it.

The solid adjustable elastic waistband ensures it is bounce free. 

You can put a smartphone inside the pouch as well. There is a unique headphone wire hole inside the bag, so you can freely use your earphones if they are not wireless.

This pouch is also used as a travel pouch or a small mini travel bag. You can put your passport and essential documents in it—for example, your car keys, credit cards, and ID documents.

 It is excellent for all forms of exercise, including walking, running, hiking, riding bikes, working out at the gym and more.

Last but not least. It is water-resistant—both sweat-proof and rain-proof. Keep your valuables dry while you are doing exercise. Ensure it is not exposed to much water or rain for a long time. 

It’s time to order your pouch today!

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Hiking Pouch Bag | Running Pouch Bag | Gym Pouch Bag | Workout Pouch Bag
Hiking Pouch Bag
 Gym Pouch Bag | Workout Pouch Bag
Keep your belongings in this pouch bag
best carrying pouch
Different colors of the Hiking Pouch Bag | Running Pouch Bag | Gym Pouch Bag | Workout Pouch Bag
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