Unhealthy Habits Leading To Obesity

Unhealthy habits and high-calorie intake directly lead to weight gain. You can maintain your current weight by balancing your calorie intake and consumption. If the number of calories you intake is more than the calories you consume daily, you will gain weight. And if you want to reduce your weight, you will have to take fewer calories and drink more daily.

Certain unhealthy habits disturb the balance between your calorie intake and calorie consumption. If you can overcome these detrimental habits, you can enjoy life to the utmost, but if these habits overwhelm you, you will likely live a life full of health problems.

Below are some of the unhealthy habits that contribute to weight gain

Lack of sleep

If you don’t take sufficient rest needed by your body, it will cause a hormone imbalance in your system. This hormone imbalance leads to overeating and obesity. There are two hormones in your system named, leptin and ghrelin, responsible for regulating appetite in your body. If you fail to get sufficient sleep, it will impact the production of these hormones in your body, resulting in an increased feeling of hunger.

Moreover, if you develop a habit of staying awake till late at night, you will likely consume high-calorie foods. It will significantly contribute to gaining weight.

Skipping breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a very unhealthy habit that can make your efforts to lose weight highly unsuccessful. The reason is that your body is fasting throughout the night, and if you deprive it of a wholesome breakfast in the morning, it will fuel the desire in your body to consume sugary and fatty foods. Also, when you eat something after a long break, you are likely to eat without caring for the number of calories.

So, if you want to stay fit and active throughout the day and avoid health problems caused by obesity, you will have to make it a routine to take a nourishing breakfast.  

I was eating while watching TV.

If you make it a habit to eat while watching your favorite movie or TV show, it is very likely to lead to obesity. The reason is that you will continue to eat without realizing the excessive calories you intake. And if you adopt the habit of doing so at night, it will prove even more harmful. 

Since night-time restricts your physical movement, you will be unable to digest this high-calorie diet and consume the calories. These unused calories increase your body fat and contribute to weight gain.

Reckless drinking

If you drink alcohol, beer, or soft drinks daily and be careless about your calorie intake, you will become a victim of obesity. The summer season fuels this habit of taking sugary drinks because of the increased thirstiness one feels in such weather.

So, if you indulge in such a habit, you must be careful and gradually give up the practice.

Eating junk foods

Over the years, our lifestyles have changed tremendously. These days people prefer junk food over healthy food items prepared at home. Many people don’t bother to waste time cooking, so they continue their routine and grab something to eat from anywhere they can.

Especially the younger generation is more induced by the advertisement of companies producing such a food. They adopt it as a fashion and consider it fun and a healthy outing routine. These junk foods include pizza, burgers, bakery products, chips, and other processed food items.

Eating junk food contributes to weight loss and other health problems like cardiovascular issues.

Absence of physical activity

The absence of physical activity is another problem in modern-day life. Our lifestyle has confined us to closed spaces and restricted our movement. We sit in our workplaces the whole day and then use our vehicles to find our way home. While at home, we spend the rest of the day watching TV and eating processed food items.

If you don’t perform any physical activity the entire day, you will not use the energy you get from food. This unused energy will store in your body as fat, leading to weight gain.

As an adult, you need 150 minutes of physical exercise every week. But if you are obese and want to lose weight, you will have to do more than this to achieve your goal.

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