Why staying hydrated is important?

Staying hydrated is essential to enjoying good health. More than 60% of our body comprises water. In hot and humid summer, our body loses water due to excessive sweating. If you don’t keep your body hydrated, you expose your body to health risks.



Water is not the only source of hydration. Some foods and beverages are also immensely helpful in maintaining the recommended hydration level. Below are the primary benefits of staying hydrated:

Increased brain efficiency


80% of the human brain comprises water. If you stay hydrated, you enjoy a better cognitive performance. Even minor dehydration adversely affects your mental performance. It results in fatigue, stress, lack of clarity, and dull mood. Adding a few more glasses to your daily routine improves your performance and efficiency.

Keeps you energetic


Dehydration causes a loss of energy which makes you feel exhausted. It slows down blood circulation and reduces oxygen flow to the brain. Dehydration also makes it challenging for your heart to pump oxygen throughout your body. You can make up for this energy deficiency by keeping yourself hydrated. It helps you become more productive in your daily life.

Digestive health


Your body cannot digest food properly if you don’t supply it with enough water. Dehydration causes gas, heartburn, and other stomach discomforts. If you keep yourself hydrated, you will have a smooth bowel movement and enjoy good digestive health. Drinking beverages rich in sodium and magnesium also helps in good digestion.

Regulates body temperature


Your body stores more heat due to dehydration. It makes you incapable of tolerating hot temperatures. It can make you a victim of heatstroke in hot weather. If you stay hydrated, the heat dissipates from your body through sweating. 

Hydration is a natural cooling mechanism for your body.



If you increase your water intake, it significantly helps in the detoxification of your system. It lets you remove the waste substances stored in your body through urination and bowel movements. This natural detoxification improves your overall health.

What is more hydrating than water?

While water is an effective way to keep yourself hydrated, some fluids do better. Milk can keep you hydrated for longer than water. It contains lactose, proteins, and fats that slow down the elimination of fluids from your stomach.

What is chronic dehydration?

Chronic dehydration is when you don’t get hydrated despite drinking enough fluids. It may occur from diarrhea, prolonged exposure to heat, or intense physical activity. If it is mild, you will get rid of it, but you need medical help in severe cases.

How is staying hydrated beneficial for your kidneys?

It significantly benefits your kidneys if you drink enough water and keep yourself hydrated. It enables your kidneys to remove waste material from the blood. Staying hydrated keeps your blood vessels open, and blood flows freely to your kidneys. It supplies your kidneys with all the essential nutrients.

How much do you need to drink each day?

A healthy man living in a region with mild temperature needs about 3-4 liter of fluid. If he drinks in lesser quantities, he may get dehydrated. Likewise, a healthy woman needs to drink 2.5-3 liters of fluids for proper hydration.


Stay hydrated if you want to enjoy good health and be more productive. You need to adopt a habit of drinking water after regular intervals. Give up the practice of drinking water only when you are highly thirsty. 

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Why staying hydrated is important?

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